Company Profile


The first warehouse was built In 1997 , taking in consideration the future expanding, year after year the company was expanded in a studded phases.

A new services was added to the list of services that the company provides.

The company is providing wide range of services such as cold storing, frozen storing, indoor and out door storing, packing and repacking, sending and receiving the goods, and stock management.

Fresh Fruits Compamy offers all services for storing food items and other goods or materials like electrical, industrial, constructer materials, oil, ets 

At the meantime the company is planning to build new warehouses with an area of 26,000 square meter with racking system.

 the company also have a stores in the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables whole sale market in Amman and another in Aqaba.

Fresh Fruits Company warehouses located in a remarkable location which is close to Sahab industrial city, Amman customs, airport street, Aquaba see port road, fruits and vegetables central market, and 10 minutes away from abdon hanged bridge in addition of the road that lead to Iraq, Kingdome of Saudi Arabia and Syria.